About our "Why" 

We are together on the journey

During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, children's ministers around our country have created innovative ways to connect and grow disciples. Some of those leaders have come together to create a program that can extend those connections from the local congregation to children and families from all over the nation and world! Where in the World is God strives to be a user friendly, virtual summer program that can fit any church context. 

Why do we need summer programming during COVID-19?

  • Because your child needs:

    • A reminder that God is active in our world

    • To know that God loves them deeply and is with them

    • Joy, fun and play!

    • To remember what a blessing they are

    • Connections with other Christian children, adults around the globe

What can I expect from this curriculum?

  • Each session is a 30-35 minute video experience, and stories include:

    • Day 1: The journey of Jonah and a whale (The Book of Jonah)

    • Day 2: The journey of Balaam and a talking donkey (Numbers 22:21-23)

    • Day 3: The journey of a son, who finds his way back home (Luke 15: 11-32)

    • Day 4:The journey of Ruth and Naomi (The Book of Ruth)

    • Day 5: Our earth: The place where we are journeying together (Genesis 1)

How can I support this project?

  • Where in the World is God is free thanks for the generosity of the North Texas Conference UMC Center for Leadership Development ​and the presenters donating their time and talents. You can support us by spreading the word!​​