Supply Kits and Shirts in Plano, TX

Updated: May 23, 2020

Here is the Where in the World is God? promotional text from Meredith McBride, Director of Children's Ministries at Christ UMC Plano:

Join us this summer as we experience VBS like never before! We will travel the world following the people of God in their search for God; we will hear their stories as they worried, wandered, and wound up in unexpected places only to discover that God is always with them! 

This virtual VBS is made up of content created by dozens of churches from all around the world and will be enjoyed by over 100 churches from different denominations worldwide!

The program will feature five, one-hour sections that we will do together each day of the week.  The week before VBS all of our registrants are invited to come to the VBS drive-through to collect their T-shirt and VBS kits. These kits will include any necessary materials for the activities throughout the week. Our kids will be encouraged to wear their shirts every day, and we will meet via zoom which will be broken up by age groups at different times.

Though in the midst of times like we’ve never seen before, we have this tremendous opportunity to come together, across denominations, across state lines, across country lines, as children of God to learn from each other and grow together in faith. I cannot wait to see all that we learn and accomplish during this virtual journey!

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