Spontaneous Sharing

We believe that the evidence of spiritual transformation in children can be seen when they share what they have learned with their family or friends without being asked to do so. This shows that, even after our time with them, God continues to work in their minds and hearts, and they feel confident to teach other's about the stories of our faith. Rev. Caroline Noll in Garland, Texas shares a story of spontaneous sharing that happened as they used WITW:

"One sister and brother are attending that are guests with us.  Their great-grandmother is a member of our church, but the kids only attend at VBS.  The sister has been several years, and this is younger brother’s first year because he’s just now old enough (three or four?).  They made their fish and showed us.  Older sister made one that looked like the printable.  Younger brother showed us about three that were smaller fish and looked to all be stuck on straws or something.  The older sister told us that after they made them, she and her brother did a puppet show for their parents to tell them the story from the Bible.  Spontaneous sharing!"

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